"Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art"-Stanislavsky

Recent studies Stanislavsky Acting Method

Recent events Casting Lion King Jr.

Recent writing Last Blog "Ensemble Is Everything"

(This is what we call Synchronicity - "meaningful coincidences" ...All of my different fields colliding at once )

Tomorrow I get to teach the first class in our series

"8 Acting Techniques In 8 Weeks"


This week we will discuss the "Stanislavsky" acting method.

"There are no small parts.

Only Small Actors."- Stanislavsky

As we are gearing up to announce our Lion King cast I'm optimistic and hopeful we will have the abilities to reveal the reality of this quote that every part is what we (the actor) make of it & is truly crucial to the objective.

2 cents time:

The Super-Objective for a troupe of actors is to assist the audience in escaping their personal "given circumstances" so they may transcend into a higher place of learning & awareness in regards to the human condition. -e.clevenger

However, we as humans, actors, audience members , parents, & directors can get caught up in the not so cheerful ego of the theatre...

How many Lines?

How many solos?

How well known is my character name?

We lose sight of the Super-Objective...

Instead let's exist in the theatrical world the way we were intended to...the theatrical world that dear ole Stan designed for us

"Love the art in yourself, not

yourself in the art" . -Stanislavsky

Together we have a story to tell & a crucial job to do!


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