Amazon your way to vocal health

Vocal health can be a very complex thing and I will do many more posts about it.

However, there are three things you can do TODAY to help yourself as a singer & performer.

3 Products that we & fellow performers believe in.

All Available on Amazon. ( unfortunately we do not get a kickback from recommending these products to you ; p )

1. Click: My PurMist Handheld Personal Steam Inhaler

The one above is expensive, but could be worth it for the serious performer.

The more affordable option to give this whole regimen a try:

Vicks Personal Steamer- please just use the steam, don't add Vicks as menthol can be very drying to the voice.

Steaming is the only way to directly hydrate the vocal folds. This is a GO TO for performers. Wonderful for people like me with allergies!! Great to do before warming up, voice lessons, before applying make-up performances.

2. Click = Entertainer's Secret

Every singer should have this product at their disposal. Relief for throat discomfort, hoarse voice and congestion caused by excessive dryness. Wonderful when getting ready for performances and your just not feeling up to par.

This is a great product however if you have consistent hoarseness on the regular, look at how you are treating your voice. Do you scream? Do you have an unhealthy unsupported belt? Do you take care of your voice but continue to constantly feel hoarse- then please go see a larygonlogist as this could be a sign of a bigger issue(cancer, vocal nodules etc.). Don't wait, better to know now rather than later!!

3. Water !!!

O.k. ... not something you have to get from Amazon, although you could.

Water is essential to a healthy voice.

Hydrating the day of a performance won't cut it , you're better off loading up on water the day before. However nothing beats consistent and constant hydration.

I have cut out all sodas from my life & it reduced excess phlegm (gross I know) by 90%.

Caffeine is very drying whether in tea, coffee, or soda.

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